What is it?

- name kind of tells you but its currently the highest non-staff position a member can obtain
- it gives you access to more boards on the forums
- new pip and elite color for your name ;p
- things such as access to the cracked client for those of you who don't like to pay
- ability to teleport on server
- ability to heal themselves
- ability to help moderate the server
- elites will also have their server stickied in the unofficial server area
- free graphics from me
- ability to use signatures and avatars

How do I get it?

- 50 posts (trying to increase forum activity, post in the non-terraria section if you can't find anywhere to post)
- Must have played on the server for at least 5 hours
- Must have physically been on the forums for at least a total of 8 hours
- Must have been registered on the forums for over three weeks

At a decided date once at least a few members have the reqs above we will post a poll with those member's names and our forum members will vote. We will choose the top few members to achieve elite. These polls will be held regularly and members who didn't make it the first time will have a chance to make it the next time a poll is held.

* Start getting some of those reqs now ;p


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